LeTourneau Organ

LeTourneau OrganThis instrument includes the first full-length metal 32-foot reed stop built by Orgues Letourneau. (They have built four 32-foot metal reeds of half-length.)
Forty artisans who worked on this instrument range in age from 18 to 64; more than half have Letourneau organ building as their first and only career.

Fewer than 3% of the total number of pipes are visible from the pews; the others are behind the facade of the organ case.  The 3,638 pipes constitute a small proportion of the roughly 100,000 wood, metal, and other components of the organ.  Each large facade pipe required the efforts of two men a full day to polish it.

The largest 24 pipes of the 32-foot reed and the largest 12 pipes of all the sixteen-foot reeds have boots made of wood for endurance and stability over the decades; the largest 12 pipes of all the sixteen-foot metal ranks have double-thick metal in the foot to support the pipe's weight in coming generations.

The most important "stop" on any organ is the room in which it is placed; the last and most important 30% of pipe voicing is done on site to fit the room's acoustics.

Custom-designed, each organ is completely erected and playable in the builder's shop before it is disassembled and shipped for installation. After most parts were already made, erecting this organ in the shop took four months; re-erecting it in the church took three weeks.

Pipes and other parts were transported from the shop to the church in two fully packed 47-foot semi-trailers. The largest pipes weigh 450 pounds, the smallest less than a pencil. The whole organ weighs about twelve tons.




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